Painting & Coating System


AITIHAD BANDAR Offer Painting and Coating of all industrial structures, equipments, piping and piping accessories without any limitation as per approved procedures and standards

We offers all types of painting and coating services that covers residential to industrial sector. We also do anti-corrosive coatings for almost any type of concrete/steel structure, our painting and coatings proven long-term effectieness, protecting surfacces/componenets in even the most challenging enviorments.

AITIHAD BANDAR is committed with quality and professional services consistent to national and international standards through continual advancement of application processes and skills to the entire satisfaction of its customers.


Civil Supplies & Services

    • Safety Items
    • All type of Ceramic/Stone tiles etc.
    • Pipes and fittings
    • Construction tools/ Equipments

Mechanical Supplies & Services

    • Fittings & Fixtures
    • Fastners
    • Valves
    • Flanges
    • Butt-Weld Fitting
    • Different type of Pipes