Cladding & Flooring System

AITIHAD BANDAR Provides complete flooring and cladding installation work for its clients with the most extensive range of high performance and characteristics products. Our services for villas, palaces,hotels, commercial and residential buildings, warehouses and factories.

AITIHAD BANDAR Industrial Insulation & Cladding Services: We work with a range of thermal insulation materials, from mineral wool to acrylic nitrile rubber, in combination with aluminum, stainless and galvanized steel claddings. We are able to fabricate for all types of equipment, including vessels, pipe work, inline fittings, columns and tanks working in a variety of metals to suit the application Provide ideal flooring and cladding soutions for both interior and exterior works.

We provide all kind of flooring and cladding Services:


Some of Our Other Services

  • Cladding Work ( Metal/Stone & )
  • Stone Installation ( Marble/Granite & Etc.) Flooring
  • Tile installation ( Ceramic /Porcelain & Etc)
  • Raised/ Access Floor Systems
  • Customised Flooring work based on project requirement